Đánh giá Phân tích

11.01.2021 10:00
«Bluff instead of America»: Show closed. What's next?
Trump tried to play all-in with a minimum of trump cards but immediately lost. Crowd, instigated by president, went to storm the shrine of American democracy, completely shutting off their brains and not realizing consequences of their actions. Those who hooligans in the Capitol on January 6 are now... Read more
04.01.2021 10:00
Market is at a fresh start: it's time to synchronize watches
We believe that the main market drivers this year will be: Implementation (and re-integration) of international agreements; Change in US tax policy; The pace of economic recovery; Aggressive policy of central banks. Changing Trump's adventurism to Biden's traditional policies sh... Read more
28.12.2020 12:00
Gloomy results of 2020: vaccine and crisis as a gift for survivors
World is undergoing an unprecedented shock. Pandemic has already claimed more than 1.76 million lives and resulted in the loss of tens of millions of jobs. The situation has so far returned to normal only in China and in some countries of Southeast Asia. Mass vaccination has officially begun in the ... Read more
21.12.2020 12:00
Сoming time of truce
Let's start with the most significant event: USA The leaders of the US Congress nevertheless decided that «better a lean peace than a fat victory» and formalized a compromise on a stimulus package ($900 billion) aimed at eliminating the consequences of the pandemic. Mutual claims were overcom... Read more
14.12.2020 12:00
Market cancels panic and returns debts
Europe The ECB decided to increase the size of the PEPP program by €500 billion (to €1.85 trillion) and extended its validity until March 2022, and reinvestment until the end of 2023. In addition, the terms of lending on TLTRO have become more loyal, the number of auctions and PELTRO operations... Read more