$1000 for New Investment Funds

We recognize the hurdles of attracting investments, even for seasoned trading experts. That’s why we’ve crafted this $1000 promo specifically with experienced traders in mind. Simply create a new Investment Fund, reach out to us and we’ll take care of the rest!

How to get $1000 of investments

  1. Create a new Investment Fund. It must be a Public Fund with the manager’s remuneration set at no higher than 20%.
  2. The new fund must be activated before becoming available for investors. To activate the fund, you must verify your personal data and add at least $100 to the fund. Once the fund becomes active and visible in the rating system, then investors can start making investments.
  3. Once you see the fund is active and visible in the rating system, just send us a request by email at [email protected] or create a ticket. Attach proof of your successful trading experience, such as a trading statement from another broker or a screenshot from reputable investment resources. Once we receive your request with sufficient proof, $1000 will be added to your new fund.
  4. Please note, that the $1000 is added from a real investor who can withdraw their investment at any time. To maintain investor interest, aim to avoid significant losses and showcase a profitable, stable strategy. Otherwise, the investor may lose interest and withdraw their investment from the fund.