For Clients

When evaluating a foreign exchange market provider, clients should carefully consider the additional services offered. In today's trading landscape, it is it's crucial to opt for a provider offering a set of services that not only cut operational costs but also enhance investment outcomes. Firmly believing in this view, xChief positions itself as a top-tier provider by delivering cutting-edge account types, along with premium bonuses and services tailored to our clients' needs.

Services of xChief clients

No Deposit Bonus $100. We offer a bonus of $100, providing our clients with an ideal opportunity to assess our services and test various trading strategies. This bonus is automatically credited upon successful account verification.

Welcome Bonus of $500. Clients using specific trading account types (DirectFX, Classic+, xPRIME) have the chance to receive a welcome bonus equal to 100% of their deposit, up to $500 or an equivalent amount in their chosen currency. This bonus helps our clients test our services, market assets, and their chosen trading strategies while earning real money. Any money earned can be withdrawn without restrictions, while bonus itself can be withdrawn after fulfilling specific trading conditions.

Deposit and Withdrawal. The intense competition within the broker services market continually forces investment companies to develop cutting-edge trading technology. However, a highly technological trading infrastructure is not enough to ensure a competitive edge, as modern traders are increasingly focused on reducing transaction costs and other fees, as well as optimizing the efficiency of deposit and withdrawal processes. Recognizing this, xChief offers traders several streamlined and cost-effective methods for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Trading Credits. Recognizing the psychological challenges that traders may face, we at xChief provide investors with a motivational boost through our Trading Credits program. This unique offering allows clients to leverage an interest-free and perpetual loan, empowering them to enhance trading turnover and increase their potential for additional income.

Copy Trading. To ensure a streamlined copy trading experience, we offer a state-of-the-art copy trading platform developed by MetaQuotes, which uses both MetaTrader4 and 5. This platform helps investors take their investments to a new level by choosing funds based on objective values, such as trading statistics, before initiating the copying process.

Liquidity. Liquidity is the backbone of successful trading, impacting order execution, spread size, 'slippages', and rejection percentages. In the growing market of institutional services, xChief distinguishes itself by providing not only aggregated price flow but also streamlined 24/7 support from our experienced specialists.