Forex Analytics

Successful trading can be both physically and psychologically demanding, requiring constant focus and dedication. To help our clients succeed, we offer a suite of advanced analysis tools. These tools significantly streamline the analysis process by distilling vast amounts of information into actionable data, offering insights into important financial news, assisting traders with necessary calculations, and much more.

Analysis tools

Analytical Surveys. Stay informed on market events with our insightful surveys, providing valuable perspectives from financial experts. These surveys are essential for long-term traders, helping them assess and adjust their trading strategies.

Economic Articles. Broaden your understanding of the financial markets and make logical trading decisions by exploring our economic articles, featuring essential financial news around the globe.

Quotes Charts. Access essential information on global price fluctuations, track emerging trends, and analyze current market conditions effortlessly using our user-friendly and comprehensive login-free charting system.

Interest Rates. Understanding a country’s monetary and credit policy is crucial for navigating both global and local markets. Changes in interest rates can have far-reaching consequences within the entire financial market, sometimes affecting prices of commodities and currencies within mere moments. Our clear and streamlined interest rates table helps investors react to global interest rate changes at a glance, empowering traders to make better trading choices.

Trader's Calculator. Quickly calculate the potential profitability of your trades with our user-friendly Trader’s Calculator – an essential tool for new traders aiming for long-term success.