Loyalty Pro

Although trading in Forex can be lucrative, it can also be risky, sometimes leading to a full loss of funds. At xChief, we understand these risks, which is why we've introduced the ”Loyalty Pro” program, offering traders a chance to recover from losses and continue trading with confidence.

Here's how the Loyalty Pro program works:

  • 30% account insurance: If your account gets stopped out, we'll deposit 30% of your initial deposit back into your account.
  • 25% Bonus: For accounts that avoid stop outs, we'll credit 25% of the insurance amount as a bonus.

Loyalty Program Advantages:

Withdraw your profits at any time, without restrictions.
After meeting the required trading turnover, 25% of the insurance amount can be withdrawn without restrictions.
In case of getting stopped out, 30% of your initial deposit will be credited to your account.
The insurance comes with a drawdown possibility and can be withdrawn without restrictions after meeting the required trading turnover.
The Loyalty Program has no time limit, allowing you to take advantage of its benefits indefinitely
All trading strategies and robots are accepted.

How to enable the "Loyalty Pro" program?

Sign up and open a DirectFX or xPRIME account.
Complete the verification process.
Fund your Trading Account with a minimum of $2000.
Request the activation of the Loyalty Pro plan through Ticket or your Account Manager.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Loyalty Pro is available only for the following account types: DirectFX or xPRIME;
  2. In order to activate the Loyalty Pro plan, your account’s eligibility must be verified by xChief;
  3. A minimum deposit of $2000 must be made to be eligible for the Loyalty Pro plan;
  4. The Loyalty Pro can only be activated when the aforementioned deposit is made by the client;
  5. Currently, the program can be active on only one Trading Account at a time;
  6. By activating this plan, you are obliged to complete a specific Trading Turnover as the Insurance fee. In other words, while profit can be withdrawn at any time, the Loyalty Pro bonus can be withdrawn only after meeting the required trading turnover. The Loyalty Pro bonus turnover is calculated using the following formula:
      Required Turnover (in Lots) = Deposit Amount ÷ 10


    If you deposit $2000 and activate the Loyalty Pro Plan, then the required turnover will be calculated through the following formula:

    Required Turnover (in Lots) = 2000 ÷ 10 = 200 Lots

  7. If you complete the required turnover, xChief will immediately fund 25% of the Loyalty Pro insurance amount as a bonus to the your Trading Account;
  8. In the event of a 'Stop Out,', xChief resets your account balance to 30% of your initial deposit amount, allowing you another opportunity to trade. This balance, with a drawdown possibility, serves to compensate for losses and provides a chance to generate profits. After fulfilling the required trading turnover, you can withdraw the entire insurance amount. The necessary trading turnover to release the insurance amount is calculated using the following formula:
      Required Turnover (in Lots) = The Insurance Amount (30% of the Initial Deposit Amount) ÷ 3


    If you deposit $2000, activate the Loyalty Pro plan and get stopped out, xChief provides you with $600 with a drawdown possibility, which can be withdrawn after completing the required Turnover. The Turnover required to release the deposited amount is calculated through the following formula:

    Required Turnover (per Lots) = 600 ÷ 3 = 200 Lots

  9. If you decide to cancel the Loyalty Pro program, you will not be able to re-enable it;
  10. The Loyalty Pro Insurance is valid up to $10,000;
  11. Activating the Loyalty Pro program renders you ineligible to receive the following bonuses: the $100 No-Deposit Bonus, Welcome Bonus, xPro Bonus, and Trading Credits. By activating this insurance program, you agree that xChief reserves the right to deactivate it at any time without providing a reason;