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20.11.2017 11:00
From Europe to America: difficult way of hopes and positive
Saudis expand the list of corrupt officials; Japan prepares for elections, America − for Thanksgiving Day. The German subject pressed all the week on the European markets: difficult negotiations on the block of Merkel, Green Party and free democrats continued till late Sunday evening. As ... और पढो
13.11.2017 10:00
The American tour or how to trade autumn dollar
Saudi Arabia presses on oil. Dollar depreciation in basic assets remains the main direction of the foreign exchange market. Euro rises in price but doesn't leave the range. Trump has actually failed Asia tour: hasn't agreed with Japan, hasn't convinced Beijing on trade concessions yet, ha... और पढो
06.11.2017 10:45
America in focus: a time to gather stones together
Germany has created the government; Catalonia has suspended games for democracy. The European factors fade into the background, the market chooses the American scenery. First stone: new faces The wizard Trump, after all, has turned «the grandmother in the grandfather» − for the first t... और पढो
30.10.2017 11:30
Benefit performance of the ECB or how much for Draghi's smile
The picture will be added by three meetings of the Central Banks – excellent week for manipulations is expected. The monetary policy of the ECB is kept on the key moments and strengthened regarding reinvestments and refinancing: interest rates remain before QE end; euroQE lasts, until... और पढो
23.10.2017 12:00
Active fall or as the policy presses on the market
Catalonia holds a meeting, and focus of attention is displaced on a meeting of the ECB. Today the available volume of purchases of state treasury bills of EU countries for 2018 is estimated at €200-270 billion and the main issue is the distribution of this sum on time. The main option − e... और पढो