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01.04.2019 11:39
«the English chaos» dominates: who`s fault and what to do?
The current week promises to be active and productive. The promise of the resignation of May did not help: the British parliament for the third time voted against the European Brexit option though this time the government lost by 58 voices against devastating 230 in the first round. Tusk co... আরো পড়ুন
25.03.2019 12:11
FRS, China, Brexit: new scenery for old plots
Leaders of the EU rejected May's request in the postponement of the date of an exit for 30 June; the delay is granted till 22 May (the beginning of elections to European Parliament), but only if the parliament ratifies the agreement a current week. Otherwise, London has to report about the pl... আরো পড়ুন
18.03.2019 11:08
Brexit: Long partings mean a lot of tears
The Parliament of Britain did not support the draft of a divorce with the EU according to May's scenario, but voted for lack of Brexit without commercial agreement and supported the Prime Minister in a delay of the date of an exit. May reasonably «tied» the term of transfer of a key event to... আরো পড়ুন
11.03.2019 11:01
Who breaks, pays: the market in search of a compromise
China promises much, but guarantees nothing. Sufferings on Brexit remain in the center of attention. The ECB decided not to wait for Draghi's successor, but all key solutions of the euro regulatory were worse than market expectations: instead of the start of 4-year TLTROs-3 are announced... আরো পড়ুন
04.03.2019 10:51
Cui prodest: the market adjusts global targets
All the pain points of market remain, but they are being offered a new treatment. ECB The upcoming meeting is the joker of the week. Insiders have long been talking about the ECB’s readiness to announce the launch of new rounds of LTROs and the market is waiting for formulations that gu... আরো পড়ুন