Metatrader 5 for Android

Active development of wireless communications makes it possible to make any business mobile, and financial trading is no exception. For those who have chosen different mobile devices with the Android operating system, we offer a special version of Metatrader 5 trading terminal, adapted for wireless technologies. At any time, you can download Metatrader 5 for Android and get a compact professional terminal with a full set of trading and analytical functions.

To work MetaTrader 5 for Android, you need a mobile device (smartphone or tablet computer) with an operating system Android 4.0 or higher and stable access to the global network. The result of signal processing directly depends on the quality of Internet connection!

The mobile version of MT5 Android offers:

  • interactive quotes;
  • all types of orders from the standard version of MT5 terminal;
  • modes of Market Execution and Instant Execution orders;
  • scaling of price charts − timeframes from M1 to MN1;
  • special additional services of MT5.

For a full analysis in MT5 application 30 basic technical indicators, basic graphic objects, as well as price history, a full transaction log, detailed information on the status of open positions are available. All types of mobile devices support a standard multitasking interface, automation tools and access to additional options. In the terminal Metatrader 5 Android you can read financial news − in any volume from a variety of sources, chat in forum and in chat, receive push notifications from main platform and services of MQL5.community.

In any conditions, the platform MT5 for Android is quickly and correctly operated: system quickly processes large data streams and reacts to trader actions, optimally spends traffic, software requires a small amount of resources and is easily installed on any mobile device.

MT5 Forex application based on the Android operating system must be downloaded from Google Play service, and then installed and configured fully-featured trading terminal on your mobile device.

Thanks to MT5 Android, at any time, from anywhere in the world, even away from your own office and computer, you can connect to our servers, conduct analysis, receive trading signals and trade transactions. It's enough to free download Metatrader 5 for Android − and the entire financial market around the clock will be under your control!