How to Earn Income?

Being a trader is not easy, and it is quite hard to achieve steady income through speculations with investment assets. The forex market is vast, and it provides many alternative income earning options in addition to trade transactions. One such option is partner programs aimed at attracting traders to the partner company for remuneration. The remuneration calculation methodology and client attraction methods might differ, but participation in a partner program allows the trader to achieve steady income without any trade transactions.

Distinctive features of a ForexChief partner program include its progressive remuneration scale depending on the attracted client's trading turnover, and weekly payments. For the partner, there are no secret terms and conditions such as "minimum order duration" or "minimum difference between order opening and order closing price" (MTP). By becoming ForexChief's partner, you will earn guaranteed remuneration for each order completed by the attracted client. The program's general concept is based on calculating the remuneration amount for 1 million USD of trading turnover.

Given the current development of information technology, ForexChief doesn't focus a potential partner's attention on the mode of client attraction, nor do we make remuneration rates dependent on partner type (web project, regional representative office, training center or individual agent). In the long run, the most important thing is the trading turnover which preconditions the remuneration amount. Each partner may evaluate independently the economic efficiency of any trader attraction option. However, regardless of the path chosen, ForexChief provides the partner with all required support for business development, with an individual approach to each project.