Metatrader 5 (MT5)

We offer you a professional trading platform MetaTrader 5, which develops and supplements the functionality of previous version with a large volume of financial and news information, modern analytical and technical means, additional services and customization options.

So, for every ForexChief client, MetaTrader 5 offers:

  • multi-market terminal that provides access not only to Forex market, but also to stock exchanges. A full range of trading assets − currencies, spot metals, CFDs for stocks and raw materials − is available in the «one-stop» mode.
  • management of trade orders on technology «One Click Trading» − is executed from market overview window: for each tool, you see full information about the price (spread, swap, bid/ask, high/low).
  • 4 execution modes of orders (Instant Execution, Market Execution, Request Execution, Exchange) and 2 new types of pending orders. In addition to usual positions in the MT5 terminal, you can open BuyStopLimit and SellStopLimit with direct interactive management from the price schedule, which allows you to create more flexible trading systems. For all types of pending orders with execution of time, there was the possibility of auto-deletion of expired orders.
  • additional time periods: 21 timeframes are available − from one minute to one month, including non-standard ones. Such detailing is beneficial for working with individual strategies and for effective analysis of results.
  • built-in economic calendar: at the bottom of MT 5 schedule for the relevant date, time of each news release is displayed; The degree of importance of event is highlighted by color of marker.
  • ability to copy trades of successful traders through system of «Social Trading» directly in the platform Forex Metatrader 5. Of the many free and commercial trading signals, choose the most suitable supplier − and the terminal will automatically earn for you. A training video (MT5 downloaded can be here) will tell you how to choose and check the trading characteristics of signals, how to subscribe and evaluate effectiveness of transactions.
  • indicators, scripts, robots, utilities: in the standard MT5 package, 38 technical indicators and 44 analytical tools are offered, but additional «profit opportunities» can always be bought in a special online store. In just a few clicks you can download the MT 5 platform, select the application, test it in operation and absolutely safe to buy − right in terminal. You can see training materials, go to a thematic forum, and also implement your successful developments through the Market.
  • built-in virtual hosting: a copy of terminal in virtual space will ensure the smooth operation of your trading robots and signals, and the Meta Trader 5 platform will provide you with an optimal VPS-site with minimal delays to the broker's server. First 24 hours of hosting in MT5 Forex − absolutely free!

The effective difference between MT 5 and its previous version will be especially appreciated by enthusiasts of automated trading − new terminal integrates MQL5 IDE's own development environment and a unique freelance service.

MT5 downloaded can be for free, but for realization of own trading ideas − indicator, strategy, advisor − you need minimal programming skills, and those who still doubt their abilities can order development to professionals. To do this, it is enough to go straight to Freelance section from the MT5 platform, familiarize yourself with rules of service, publish an application on exchange with terms of reference, terms of execution and price − and choose the most suitable among the responding developers. From the placement of application to receipt of a ready professional solution, there passes a minimum of time (who doubts − metatrader 5 download you can and check).

Strategy tester in Forex Metatrader 5 will allow you to evaluate effectiveness and choose optimal parameters for indicator, script, advisor. There are 5 test modes (including genetic algorithms), visualization tools and many optimization methods. For example, you can test multicurrency advisers with an assessment of the mutual correlation of assets.

The MT5 platform supports distributed testing: it is possible to connect additional capacities of the local network, as well as the cloud computing network MQL5 Cloud Network. Now the most complicated optimization is realized in a matter of hours.

Technical specialists highly appreciate economical export of data (for example, the price history of M1 of any currency pair for 10 years will not exceed 10 Mb), as well as support for push-all notifications, external and internal alerts. Versions of the platform Metatrader 5 (download) for iOS and Android allow you to constantly be on the same wavelength with the market with the help of any mobile devices.

Metatrader 5 is a software analytical complex that is constantly being supplemented and improved. It is modern, reliable and professional. This is the future that is available today. You just have to MT5 download for free and get the full set of tools for your profit!